Vision & Mission


We at sports Hawk are carrying a vision to develop country as a sporting nation and impacting lives with the excellent physical fitness and wellness. We are committed to provide scientific and skill training support for the underprivileged child residing across country. Health and wellness are the right of each and every child, and it is the goal for us to uplift the lives of rural and tribal areas. Sport is kind of magic which can turn child in to academic education and it is effective in decreasing dropped out and absence rate in the schools. Through the sports programme our vision is heading to transform to the society. We also have aim to decrease child labour and increasing enrolment in school with the help of various campaign and activity programmes.

As per report approx. 25 million children’s in India are at hunger index.

Which is creating a barrier to go for schools and once they are growing also, they are just trying to earn for protection of their lives. Around 60 million children are at malnutrition condition, which is affecting their social, physical, emotional and economical development. Approx. 65 percent girl child are under BMI and malnourished. Continuously drop out rate of increasing in school and enrolment is also affecting. There are some other factors also affecting the growth rate of enrolment such as lack of interest, lack of sports activities in the school premises, lack of resource and trainer in early year’s school which are in rural and tribal areas. Our vision is the provide education and sports facilities and building sports ground, resource and infrastructure for the children who are unfortunately are not experiencing magic of sports and education.

We also implementing programmes of health check-up, physical assessment and health evaluation for the identifying the area of development. Also, we are providing and organizing tournament, leagues and events and ensuring maximum participation in the Sports Bodies competition. We are providing training, resources and end to end help for the participants. Through the awareness programme and training programme we are ensuring maximum participation of the girl chid in various sports discipline.

SportsHawk Physical Educators Council