Project- Raksha - self defense programme for girl child

We are living in a country where A female has got the symbol of Goddess but unfortunately still our society has evil and sick minded lives too. Its very frequent child abuse, sexual abuse and bullying incidents with the girl child, as a common society perception girl shouldn’t engage with the physical activities or in the sports or games, lack of the physical exercise and low physical fitness components affect their self confidence regarding their power. If a child is enough strong physically and mentally it would be great asset for their life and they can protect themselves in the negative situations.

Martial art or combat games are not only teach to fight, it also development determination, discipline and moral values in the athletes. Through our Programme – Raksha we are providing self-defense and combat training to the girls and women’s. Whole training programme is structured and curriculum based with the age appropriate workout and activities. We provide female trainers and a secure center with monitoring system because we care and understood about the security concern for the child. Well trained and qualified coaches are available to train the athletes.

Our aim is not just to provide self defense training, although women in the society have to build a better society along with self defense.

SportsHawk Physical Educators Council