Research & Development

Physical Education and Academic Education having important role in developing nation and human resource for the country. If the academic and physical education curriculum or teaching pattern are effective or not it really important for the educators and we must have work on it accordingly. Through the research and development only it is possible to make it more effective and interested for the children.

Through this forum we are going to have physical educationist, teachers, and other co-curricular activities educationists to research on various topics, submitting articles and teaching techniques papers in the portal. This research forum aims to understand the need of teaching in various grades, knowledge and understanding related to health and wellness as well as in academics education. At present day’s physical education and health education is not having much space in the education system and it is affected by conventional method of education as per common perception. Through this forum we are inviting physical educationist and academic educationist to contribute to the society through their research and development, suggestions and policies.

SportsHawk Physical Educators Council